John Prine’s 1978 album “Bruised Orange” is considered his second best album next to his debut. Unlike most of his records, “Bruised Orange” was recorded entirely in Chicago with an all-Chicago cast of musicians and studio talent, including Steve Goodman who served as producer. On board was Hank Neuberger who engineered and mixed “Bruised Orange” — Hank is a Grammy-nominated producer with a long list of credits and a long association with both Prine and Goodman. “Bruised Orange” changed his life.

He’ll join me at Interstellar Space Records, one of the best curated record stores in Chicago, on December 27 at 7 p.m. to talk about the record and his career. We’ll spin cuts from the record and there will be beer and wine on hand. It’s free! Join us at 2022 W. Montrose Ave. in Lincoln Square.